Authorized != Qualified

There are a lot of PTC Resellers out there who are “authorized” to sell Arbortext, but have little or no real understanding of the product, it’s business impact, or the capability to support you after purchase.

As a result, here’s the short list qualified Arbortext resellers worldwide. Let us know if you belong here and we missed you. The list of all resellers can be found at

  • Single-Sourcing Solutions specializes in Arbortext–simply and only Arbortext end-to-end. Focused mainly on software sales, rather than long-term consulting engagements, they have developed a strong partnership network that supports customers in every industry and of every size. They do more work for the Arbortext community than any other partner. In 2021, Single-Sourcing Solutions has left the PTC sales channel; they no longer sell Arbortext software. However, we’ve found that their dedication to making sure customers get the right configuration and their user-centered training keeps them at the top of our list. If you’re wondering whether a quote you received from another partner really is right for you, they’ve got a special “second opinion” service you can use to vet it out.
  • Global Publishing Solutions is the largest most experienced provider of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (3B2) solutions and services. GPSL is experienced pre-press solution developers and implementers.  In 2018, GPSL acquired the Arbortext S1000D module from PTC.
  • Datacopy Publishing Solutions GmbH is the German partner and reseller of PTC Arbortext and Antenna House. They offer consulting, project management, programming, template and stylesheet development and training for all kind of publications based on structured data.
  • tformat is a PTC Channel Partner for the UK & Ireland, Arbortext reseller partner with Datacopy Publishing Solutions GmbH. At the heart of their experience has been the product originally named the 3B2 publishing system (now Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher).
  • NewBook Production Inc is an information management and consulting company that develops Electronic Regulatory Solutions and Technical Publishing Solutions for customers in the public and private sector. They are specialists of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher.
  • Oberon Technologies partners with XML-based software suppliers to provide complete, end-to-end publishing solutions.
  • Dayton T Brown – Since 1966, the Technical Services Division of Dayton T. Brown, Inc., has provided an uninterrupted flow of technical publications and information systems to clients in all sectors around the world. They specialize in the Arbortext S1000D product line.
  • Irisoft – Although coming from Windchill and Creo Elements (Pro/E) background, they’ve got one consultant now who knows how to bring Arbortext together with the other engineering products. They are primarily Windchill & Creo, but they also know Arbortext.
  • EAC Product Development Solutions acquired their Arbortext expertise when the acquired Arbortext staff from TerraXML
  • FELCO Solutions is a Windchill training partner who has come to understand Arbortext. They collaborated on one of the Arbortext Monster Garage books.