The original headquarters for the company was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The name was a combination of “Ann Arbor” plus “Text”:  “ArborText”. Early on, a tree was part of the logo.

The headquarters building in Ann Arbor was frequently visited by customers who needed training. It could be seen from I-94 in Michigan and was located at 1000 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI.

Then why is the mailing list named Adepters?

Adepters was the name of the original mailing list, an invaluable resource for Arbortext customers since 1996.

The name was an alloy of the names of the Arbortext product series Adept, and the legendary mailing list for FrameMaker users, framers.

The significance of the Adepters name used to be mentioned on the Arbortext page on Wikipedia until some Marketing folks got hold of the page and it was speedily deleted by the Wikipedia monitors. That history is lost, but we’ve done our best to recover and preserve it.

If you want more about what Adepters is, read the article on the Single-Sourcing Solutions website. They’ve done more to capture Arbortext history than anyone.