Buy from a partner or from PTC?

PTC has a mixed sales model: direct and indirect (channel) sales. Big companies are direct customers of PTC. Smaller companies work with channel partners. Arbortext requires specialized skills and specialized knowledge to implement and get running. Not all channel partners are fully qualified on the Arbortext product line, although nearly all can sell it.

This blog was created to clear up the misunderstandings about qualified Arbortext channel partners so new people who want to work with, buy, or otherwise use Arbortext will be able to do it with the least possible hassle and best results.

On this blog you can find:

  1. A list of Qualified Arbortext Partners you can go to for help or purchasing
  2. A list of resources you can go to on your own if you want to implement and deploy it for yourself
  3. Descriptions of the products so you can understand exactly what you need vs what a sales partner tells you
  4. Stories of long-time Arbortext customers so you will know how to best step forward if you’re going down the Arbortext path.

Good luck!