Here’s a list of Arbortext products (old and new). Some have been discontinued over time; some were absorbed into other products.

Most Arbortext desktop products are available as Locked or Floating licenses and now have both perpetual and subscription license configurations.

Talk to a qualified reseller for specific product availability, pricing, and details.

Arbortext Editor
The familiar word processing interface makes it easy for authors to create and edit structured XML and SGML content for reuse and automated publishing.
Arbortext Dynamic Link Manager (discontinued, 2011)
Enables authors and publication designers to create and manage relationships among document components. This product was discontinued in 2011.
Arbortext Architect
Provides configuration, development and prototyping tools that help application developers to build and maintain Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and Schemas that support your unique business requirements. This product is rarely necessary anymore if you’re using standard doctypes.
Arbortext IsoDraw
The industry’s leading technical illustrations solution enables organizations to communicate information about their products and services.
Arbortext IsoView
The industry’s leading intelligent graphics viewer enables readers to view and interact with all types of technical illustrations and animations: raster formats (e.g., JPEG, TIFF), vector formats (e.g., CGM), 2D and 3D illustrations and animations, static and interactive graphics. This product has been superseded by Creo View.
Arbortext Styler
Enables publication designers to create XML-based stylesheets for automated publishing
Arbortext Publishing Engine
Automatically extracts XML and SGML content from file systems or content management systems, assembles that content for different audiences, and publishes the assembled content automatically to print, Web, PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML Help, and other media formats. 
Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
Enables publication designers to automatically lay out documents with complex designs and manually control layout after automation. There is an Enterprise (headless box) version and a Desktop version which gives you the ability to tweak the print output in a DTP-style user interface.
Includes: Arbortext Digital Media Publisher
Enables publication designers to assemble files and folders to publication on multiple types of digital media and to Web applications. This product has been discontinued as a separate product. All the functionality that remains is part of Publishing Engine.
Arbortext Content Manager
An integral component of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System, that provides a single source of information, maintains control at every component level, preserves component relationships, and provides configuration management capabilities to enable organizations to optimize their publishing process (Windchill). This product is a scaled-down version of Windchill with all the CAD-features removed. It’s document-focused.
Arbortext Content Manager PDMLink
ACM Link preserves component relationships, and provides configuration management capabilities to enable organizations to optimize their publishing process across the entire enterprise. ACM PDM Link supports engineering data as well as product information data (Windchill PDMLink). This is another name for Windchill PDMLink.
Arbortext Adapters for CMS
These adapters provide seamless integration between EMC Documentum’s content management system, IBM DB2 Content Manager or Oracle’s Content Management SDK and Arbortext Editor and Arbortext Publishing Engine. Some of these have been discontinued over the years. There is no additional cost for these. Some are now only available through custom development by partners.
Arbortext CSDB for S1000D
Arbortext Common Source Database (CSDB) for S1000D is a complete technical content management solution to support the S1000D international technical publications specification for the global Aerospace and Defense industry
Arbortext Learning Content Manager for S1000D
Enables the creation, assembly, management, and deployment of SCORM compliant eLearning packages directly from the data modules within Arbortext Common Source Database (CSDB) for S1000D
Arbortext LSA Interface for S1000D
Arbortext Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) Interface for S1000D is a Logistic Support Analysis Record application interface that enables the transfer of LSA data to PTC’s Arbortext product information delivery software for Aerospace and Defense in order to compile initial provisioning figures and parts data, and to create illustrated parts data modules for S1000D compliance
Arbortext Parts Catalog Manager for S1000D
Enables the creation and delivery of illustrated parts data in accordance with the Aerospace and Defense specification S1000D for technical publications
Arbortext Provisioning Manager
Enables users to create, deliver, receive, and review initial provisioning data and illustrated parts catalogs to accommodate either independent provisioning projects or Aerospace and Defense specification S2000M Chapter 1 requirements