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The Arbortext community is wide and very active. There are a lot of resources for new (and old) users. We all learn more from each other every day.

  • Top Arbortext Resources – If you’re an Arbortext User, you should know about these resources.
  • List of Arbortext Communities – PTC Community for Arbortext. Educational resources including webinars, product videos, advisory line, user groups & code repository from certified trainer.
  • Arbortext TC Dojo – A web series that features topics ranging from developing skill sets to specific tool use to solving advanced complex challenges. All topics in the Arbortext TC Dojo are Arbortext related. Recordings are only available to members.
  • Arbortext Training Online | Vimeo On Demand – Learning and training for Arbortext users of every level. Includes video recordings from the Arbortext TC Dojo. Subscription required.
  • Arbortext Code Archive @ TC Dojo Mastermind Forums – Single-Sourcing Solutions currently maintain this free code archive. They donate the resources and contribute code to the repository on a regular basis. The Adepters Code Archive is public and free to access; the rest of the forums are members-only.
  • Arbortext Monster Garage – A web series featuring the Open API and the “geeky” things you can do with Arbortext. Many of our shop coaches have been working with the product for a decade or more. The AMG includes both books and videos.
  • Arbortext User Group @ Facebook – Single-Sourcing Solutions organizes and runs the Arbortext PTC/User Facebook group.
  • Arbortext User Group @ LinkedIn – Single-Sourcing Solutions organizes and runs the Arbortext PTC/User LinkedIn discussion group and answer questions posted to any number of other groups as well.
  • Arbortext User Group @ YouTube Channel – Video Recordings from user group meetings
  • Arbortext User Group Home Page – This group met virtually, online via GoToMeeting. Archives and notes from Users and experts about what they have done with Arbortext. Single-sourcing Solutions donates time, resources, and administrative support.
  • List of Arbortext Users on Twitter – Single-Sourcing Solutions keeps track of Arbortext twitterers. Follow this list to follow them as we find them.
  • 3b2users @ Yahoo Groups – 3B2users is a yahoo group. 3B2 is the original name of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher. (Yahoo moves this url around a lot)
  • Arbortext Users Group @ PTC Community – Members of the PTC Arbortext community who primarily use, implement, or support the Arbortext product line. Most Arbortext learning is tribal in nature. We all learned at the hands of someone else and so share our knowledge with each other. (PTC moves their urls around a lot, too…)
  • PTC Arbortext @ PTC Community – This Community is owned and run by PTC staff. This is the home of the adepters mailing list archive that has been around since 1996. This list is monitored by the PTC/Arbortext software engineering staff. Many long-time users and tools folks also regularly monitor the list.
  • FOSI Expert, Suzanne Napoleon – No one knows more about FOSI than Suzanne. She has quick start tutorials, formatting examples, and a book.

Other Resources

The other books in this list are tangental, but essential to doing single-sourcing, XML authoring, and content architecture: All skills that are essential for making sure your project is successful and your team can grow to maximum efficiency.

  1. DITA Best Practices: A Roadmap for Writing, Editing, and Architecting in DITA (IBM Press)  – Working in DITA? Here’s some best practices from several different companies who have been in the trenches!
  2. Practical DITA  – A quick, short, practical introduction to DITA. A great book for DITA beginners.
  3.  Single Sourcing: Building Modular Documentation  – This is a key book for understanding how to write modular documentation