Read moreOriginally a presentation given at CMS/DITA NA 2010: Where are they now? A look at companies who implemented Arbortext from 5-15 years ago.

There’s a software side to dynamic information delivery. We know this. Customers who have seen IBM talk have come to us and said “Sure, they can get there, but can I?” What if you’re not a software company? What if your paper product is your deliverable? What about the Medtronics of the world? Or the Harcourt School Publishers? Or the National Council on Insurance? What’s in your reach? What have they really achieved over the years? Did they see the ROI they expected?

Over the last year, Single-Sourcing Solutions has spent time interviewing long-term Arbortext customers to find out where they are now. We wanted to know whether our customers were realizing the full potential of their solutions. We wanted to know what data they’d collected, what lessons they’d learned, and what they’d implemented over time.

This talk highlights success stories from companies who have been doing dynamic information delivery for a very long time. Not one at a time but aggregated together. We will include qualified, hard data on benefits, breadth of projects, and feature impact on long-term implementations.

It was fun to talk about what’s been done and what different organizations (regardless of industry) have achieved. It was also amazing to think of the oldest implementation we talked about got started 23 years ago!

We know that there’s a software side to dynamic information delivery, but it was great to discover that you didn’t have to go out and build software to make it work. Equally impressive was the discovery that once you get it set up, you don’t really have to keep tweaking it to keep it up and running.

I hope you enjoy it.

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